Santa True has a wide variety of looks in his wardrobe and can sometimes take requests* for what he will wear at an appearance. These collections below give some examples and explain how we describe these looks here at the North Pole.

  • *Since many appearances are one after another in a single day, costume changes between appointments are not available. However, within reason, we can sometimes plan for specific looks, especially for photoshoot sessions.

Super Suit and Parade Coat

Santa True’s original custom-designed Santa Coat with Parade Coat, first seen in 2015

Super Suit with Waist Coats

Great for grand entrances and indoor events, with a wide variety of waistcoats to choose from

Super Suit Parade Coat styled as Ded Moroz / Grandfather Frost

For some New Year’s Eve appearances, Santa True can arrive as Ded Moroz / Grandfather Frost

“Vicky” Suit with Parade Coat

Another custom-designed outfit inspired by Victorian designs, this stunning Coat and Parade Coat set made its debut in 2022.

“Vicky” Parade Coat with Waistcoats

Great for grand entrances and indoor events, with a wide variety of waistcoats to choose from

Various Waist Coats in Different Colors

Santa True is always adding new waistcoats to his wardrobe. They are primarily in red and green, with some blue and cream in the mix.

Father Christmas Old World Green Ensemble

A stunning full parade coat ensemble in green velvet and brown fur, Santa True debuted this custom design in 2017.

Santa Hipster Outfit

This 2022 ensemble includes a custom floor-length red wool coat and a stunning silk plaid vest (and matching hat band). Check out those amazing shoes.

Santa Chef

Whether in his full chef’s coat and hat or just in a nice reindeer apron, Santa loves whipping up something delicious in the kitchen.

Summer Santa Looks

This is Southern California after all, and Santa loves to come enjoy our weather when he’s vacationing away from the North Pole.

The Illuminated Santa

Debuted in 2023, The Illuminated Santa is an entirely stunning experience. See our feature website for more on the “Lumi Suit” (and the Team who built this). *The Illuminated Santa is a completely separate booking and requires a team to be hired for appearances. Appointments are extremely limited.