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Events in 2023

I have been portraying Mrs. Claus for 45 years and I can honestly say that Santa True is one of the most fun, silly, and delightful Santas I have worked with. I am also happy to say that he made sure that I was as much the center of attention as he was! Thank you True! — Cat C.

45 party guests now believe in Santa – Santa True was such an amazing person. He truly mesmerized my guests with his Christmas stories and took time to answer everyone’s questions. When he departed… everyone was so touched by his Christmas magic… he left behind 45 believers! YAY!!! — Joan J. (5 stars)

I just want to express my admiration and respect for The Santa True! He was a part of our Christmas Tree Lot event this year (2023) which is an annual fundraiser for the NPHS Baseball Team. Santa True was available for a few hours on a designated day and WOW – Just Wow!
His entrance was spectacular, in the back of one of the dad’s pick up trucks decorated with a giant red velvet chair, bag of toys, and antique wooden sled. Santa True made his way to the story-time bench decorated with lanterns and a cozy rug for the kids, surrounded by evergreens.
He engaged every child (and parent) with a smile, a story, and a twinkle in his eye, It was magical. The children were so engaged, they were enthralled! Santa True spent quality time with each child, posed for photos of course, and was spectacular to behold with his leather boots, fur coat, and real everything including the beard! He never ‘broke character’ not even when parents were engaging in small-talk.
Santa True is the real deal, from attire, to attitude, to aura! We feel blessed to have met him and felt the magic! — A. Shapiro, Newbury Park, CA

Santa True transformed our Christmas Tree Lot into the most magical place for kids of all ages. He sang, read stories, and interacted with the children and adults in the most magical way. Even I was convinced he was the real Santa! His professionalism, communication, and kindness beyond met our expectations. — Debby M

There are your average mall Santas, and then there’s Santa True. He made our event absolutely magical. From his delightful personality to his impeccable wardrobe, everything about him is as legit as it gets. If he isn’t the real Santa Claus, then Santa True is sure giving him a run for his money! — Cody M

Storytime with Santa is always the highlight of our December calendar. We truly enjoy your visits and so do our patrons. Many parents told us how much their child enjoyed talking to you and Mrs. C! They were also happy with the length of the show and the chance to have photos taken with both of you. And we all love that you take the time to talk to each and every child, which makes your program so special. — Lisa P, Camarillo Library

Another Magical Experience – This was our second experience with Santa True and it was just as magical as the first. He is seamless and truly the REAL Santa for adults and children alike. He had different stories to tell this year, kept everyone entertained, is funny (not in a hokey way), and thoughtful. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Grateful people like him exist. Thank you, Santa! And thank you to Mrs. Claus for all her stellar communication! — Katie S (5 stars)

Q&A and Storytelling with Santa

Events in 2022

One of the best – I had the pleasure of having this Santa at my New Year’s Eve party and he was absolutely fantastic! Not only did he look the part with his authentic Santa suit, but he also had a great personality and was able to connect with both the adults and children at the party. He was kind, engaging and made sure to make every child feel special. He also made a special effort to learn the names of all the children, which made for a more personalized experience. I would highly recommend this Santa for any event! — Ruben D (5 stars)

Amazing! – Working with Santa True was an absolute delight! From the moment of booking, it was a swift and effortless process. They were extremely accommodating to a time change request that was done after booking. Santa True was very punctual on arrival and extremely professional. The children (as well as many adults) had an amazing time interacting with him, as he went from guest to guest speaking to them individually. He was also very much in character and extremely friendly and patient with all the children. He also looked like the real deal, with a high quality and beautiful Santa costume with a real beard! I would absolutely recommend Santa True and cannot wait to work with him in the future! — Sona A (5 stars)

The True Santa – We had Santa True join us at our company Christmas party for our bar and restaurant group and he was a huge hi! He spent most of the night mingling amongst our employees and let me tell you, this is not some guy with a fake beard “playing” Santa, this is Santa. Ever dream of what it would be like to make small talk about the North Pole with Santa? Have you ever wondered about the mechanics of how Santa manages to deliver gifts to every house in the world, or what the reindeer do in their off time? Santa True has the answers. Weeks later our staff is still talking about him, so I’d say Santa True made believers out of us heathens. — Bryan (5 stars)

Best experience ever! This review doesn’t do justice to my actual experience because I am truly so thankful for Santa True, he really made it feel like a fairytale. I felt like a kid seeing Santa for the first time and I couldn’t stop smiling. You can tell he really loves what he does because every minute with him was like a dream. I look forward to Christmas every year and now I’m looking forward to seeing Santa True every year. Thank you so much! — Maryam (5 stars)

Amazing! – Everything was spot on and easy to communicate. We really enjoyed all the background and preparedness, and being so knowledgeable on everything Santa. The fun facts were a treat! They loved it! — Jonathan A

Santa True is an amazing and adorable Santa. He really brings the Christmas magic to our home with his visits every year. We have a tradition of putting a special spider on the Christmas tree every year and the first person that finds it gets a present. This was started by Santa True and I will continue it every Christmas to come. He always answers any questions my kids have regarding Christmas and makes it sound very real and believable. He dances and sings with the kids and his every visit is better and more memorable than the previous one. My kids love him and wait for his visit every Christmas. Thank you for the beautiful memories you help us create Santa True. — Lucy M

Highly recommend – Could not have asked for a better Santa. Arrived early, was entertaining, and was able to deal with my crying baby and shy toddler. My kids were a little too young to appreciate Santa but I will definitely invite him over when they get a bit older. — Milena D (5 stars)

Found the Christmas spider first!

Such Stories! – We all enjoyed the visit from Santa very much. We especially enjoyed the stories. This will be a memory that my grandson will keep for the rest of his life. Our favorite story was the spider whose web turned into silver and gold. My grandson was speechless and very very happy with the visit. Santa answered questions without hesitating and was very convincing. Thank you for our cherished memory. — Tom and Evelyn F

Santa True brought magic to our home – We are so grateful for Santa True and the magic he brought to our home. I’ll never forget the look in the children’s eyes. Will definitely hire Santa True again next year! — Katie S (5 stars)

Perfection – Santa True was Magical. The kids were so happy and the adults were happy too. Would definitely book him again. — Jonathan S (5 stars)

Our visit was AMAZING!!! Completely made the party and we were thrilled. Can’t thank you enough for creating magic for these kids!! — Elissa S

Fantastic Experience – Santa did an AMAZING job entertaining me and my co-workers. So genuine and realistic. Everyone was so excited and talking about it long after Santa left for the evening. Highly recommend. Just and incredible Holiday Experience. — Jim S (5 stars)

Thank you Santa True (& Mrs True), we had a wonderful time during your visit! We hope to see you again next year. Merry Christmas! — Michael S

The Real Santa! VERY BEST SANTA EVER! – Santa True gave us a magical experience at our event! Even the adults believed!!! — Patricia R (5 stars)

Great experience, and Santa True was great with the children bringing them memories not just a quick photo. He interacted with them, made them laugh, and bring back their Christmas spirit. Yeymi G

The Perfect Santa – Santa True is a truly authentic Santa. He is able to keep the room engaged at all times and is super entertaining. He is great with all age groups and does an amazing job building excitement. Highly recommend! Mike C (5 stars)

Maybe Santa can come back for tacos?

The best experience! – I don’t have enough space to rave about Santa True! He was absolutely magical, his Santa suit is stunning. He resembles the perfect Santa Claus. Everything was so beyond my expectations and I am very grateful to have met him. My two year old immediately jumped into his arm and was absolutely in love. He’s still talking about Santa and I am so happy we found him. He’s extremely professional, brought props to our shoot and had the best ideas for photos. My son listened and followed all of his instructions. I seriously can’t say enough. If you’re looking for the most magical experience, don’t look any further!!! Thank you Santa True. Can’t wait to see you again :) — Elin K (5 stars)

Great, amazing, I truly believe in Santa Hans T (5 stars)

Events in 2021

Absolutely Magical – Santa True was completely amazing. He’s the real deal. He made it so magical for the kids! His storytelling is incredible, kids and adults were both enthralled. He made each child feel so special and took his time to make a personal connection. The kids haven’t stopped talking about how they got to meet the real Santa! Thank you so much for such an unforgettable visit Santa True! Sandee E (5 stars)

Santa True made our Christmas so magical. This is the real deal. He is so on point with all his answers that he doesn’t stutter for a second. He knew the perfect time to leave which was right when the kids were opening their presents so it was as if he disappeared in their dreams. A Christmas to remember is a Christmas with Santa True. — Sara V

Seriously the real Santa! – He was absolutely amazing! A legit Santa! My son is 10 and I was thinking this might be his last year he believes so wanted to go all out. This Santa was so believable that my son thought he was the real Santa. He knows other Santas are just Santa’s workers, but he truly believed this wasn’t someone Santa sent but was actually Santa!! He took his time and made my son feel so special. Even did story time! I am so happy I picked him! The best Santa! Thank you thank you! — Mary R (5 stars)

Special Delivery: Wedding Engagement!

The perfect engagement! – From trying to plan an engagement for two, calling multiple Santas to find the right one. When I called Santa True I knew immediately that he was the one, not just because he looked 100% authentic and absolutely sounded the part but because he was more than honest and extremely modest. The thing is he’s not exactly local to my location, he suggested I try to find a more local Santa which would possibly end up “cheaper.” I told him I don’t want cheaper I don’t want anything or anyone else because he’s the true definition of Santa and being so honest with me about how far away he was from my location and suggesting I find another which would have been giving up an event for the benefit of the customer is truly heart touching, he’s definitely in it for the Christmas spirit. In the end I kept Santa True which I’m so happy I did, I couldn’t have asked for a better Santa than the one that I got. We did a double engagement and I was a wreck. I had no idea how it was going to go and Mr. and Mrs. Santa kept reassuring me that it was going to be seamless and perfect which it was. Tons of laughs, tears, jokes and in the end two sets of fiancés. I most definitely couldn’t have done this without the help of Santa True! — Nicholas G (5 stars)

We love Santa True – Santa True is amazing. On point with all his answers to all the Children’s questions. Such a magical Santa to have at any event. He is the best! Sara V (5 stars)

Amazing!!! Santa True is the true Santa. He was amazing!!!! Looks identical to Santa and kept our group of 27 kids entertained from the minute he walked in the door. He kept their attention, had really fun and festive games, recited the night before Christmas and took pictures with each kid. He also had a ton of accessories and stories just like Santa would have. Worth every penny. — Stephanie D (5 stars)

Pure Magic – Santa True brings the magic of Christmas. He delighted the whole family with his songs, stories, and presence. I’d highly recommend this Santa to anyone looking to bring some special holiday magic to your family and friends! — Ivette G (5 stars)

Santa True is the perfect name. From the first moment he walked up and the children shouted with joy, “Santa’s here!!!” it was clear that Santa held the true spirit of Christmas. He put everyone at ease, spread joy, respect, and love throughout the party and made this year one we’ll never forget. — Taran K.

Home visit in 2021

I cannot thank you enough for the virtual visit to my 6th grade class. Your call convinced even the most skeptical among them. They delighted in hearing you say their names and the names of their classmates and wondered how you knew them. The way you answered their difficult questions, with science and stories, convinced them that you were for real. Afterwards several remarked about the authentic details of your clothing, beard, and Secret Study – especially the key! You kept them in rapt attention, no small feat with 12 year-olds, especially on Zoom. More important, your visit underscored the spirit of the season and restored their belief in the magic of kindness. I highly recommend Santa True to any school group, especially when in-person visits to classrooms is still limited. — Faye H, Little Rock, AR

Our holiday visit with Santa True is our favorite tradition! Santa True came to visit our daughter for her first Christmas as a newborn 5 years ago, and has been a part of our holiday ever since! Even our virtual visit in 2020 was delightful! Santa True is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and brings that special magic that even has the adults believing! I cannot recommend him enough! — Robin M

Santa True at Project Access in Oxnard, CA – Santa True brought the holiday spirit and cheer to our community! He engaged all residents of all ages from toddlers to seniors. He allowed all the families to take pictures and asked each person, adults too, what they wanted for Christmas. He is spectacular and the real deal! Book him for all your special events! — shared by Ivonne C (5 stars)

Santa True at Project Access, Inc. Oxnard, CA. – Santa True has been coming to our annual holiday event since 2017 and donating his professional time pro-bono to provide a magical holiday experience to residents of all ages at Pacific Point Apartments. Santa is very polite, respectful, and has a warm approach to convince those feeling scared to take a picture. Many truly believe in Santa. It’s a memory I will cherish forever after seeing how residents have one-on-one time to interact with Santa True and feel the magic. Residents have not stop talking about how they’ve had the most wonderful, magical, and beautiful experience. We are very grateful and we will book Santa again next year! — Ivonne C (5 stars)

Santa Claus – Santa did a great job entertaining the residents! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the show and his presence. He was delightful in every way and brought happiness to all that attended the event! — shared by Ivonne C (5 stars)

photo by Stephanie Gill

Incredible Even Though… – I am a student nurse, volunteering at Project Access in Oxnard and Santa was EXTREMELY sweet through his whole interaction with everyone. He had gotten to the event and had unfortunately, had quite a fall that would have cause anyone to call it a day, but he kept on carrying himself with the utmost professionalism. — shared by Ivonne C (5 stars)

Santa True at Project Access – I had the genuine good fortune to have an interaction with the best Santa I have ever encountered. My daughters (5 and 7), who were at first reluctant to approach Mr. Claus, all Santa had to do was shoot my kids a smile and a friendly wave my kids and even myself were instantly in awe with Christmas Jolly. All that fear and anxiety from my kids washed away. They were able to give Santa their Christmas wish list and were left with the right amount of Christmas spirit. Thoroughly enjoyed Santa just as much as my kids. I hope every experience with every future Santa is just as good as this one. — shared by Ivonne C (5 stars)

December 2021

Santa Arrives at Company Christmas Party – Thank you so much. You really make an incredible, unbelievable, lifelong impression in people’s lives. Keep doing what you do, you do a phenomenal job at it. — David L (5 stars)

The Perfect Santa – Santa True is exactly that…Santa…like seriously, he might actually be Santa! From the authenticity of his outfit to the interaction with the kids (& adults) to his storytelling this Santa is the real deal in every way. — Michael S (5 stars)

The Best Santa! Santa made all [our country club] members very happy! We had very good compliments about him, the kids loved it, and they all had a wonderful time. He even went out of his way to put on a show and [story tell] for the children. Thank you so much, Santa, for such a great job! See you in 2022! — Maria G (5 stars)

Jingle Claus / Santa True is exactly that! The experience reminds us old and young how magical this time of year is as well as the importance of being kind to others. Mrs. Claus is ever so patient and Mr. Claus took such care during the call to make it very special. My son is nine and has met Santa virtually two years in a row now and we are ever so grateful for the experience. — Karen P

Santa True was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! He was so professional, has such a wonderful personality and really captures the true spirit of Santa. I will most certainly be using him again. If you don’t hire Santa True then you are not hiring Santa! Trust me you will be soooo happy you did!! Amanda Castro (5 stars)

Virtual Events in 2020

I can’t recommend Jingle Claus enough! I had been looking for a virtual Santa visit this year. I had seen too many sketchy Santas advertised and I was about to give up when I saw a recommendation from a colleague about Jingle Claus. I took a gamble (despite grinch husband eye rolls) and it paid off. The kids were thrilled and everyone’s attention completely captured (even the 19 month old). My parents were impressed and my husband even thought it was awesome. I hope to book Jingle Claus again next year because: (1) He was genuine and funny. (2) It sure beats packing up 3 kids and waiting in line for hours only for the toddler to challenge everyone’s noise tolerance. (3) The kids will watch the video on repeat for quite some time. To Mr. and Mrs. Santa True, thank you for such a great experience and memory! Jennifer C

Traditional family visits, even if virtually in 2020

Santa’s visit with our family was wholesome, personal, and incredibly fulfilling. As three adults and a cat, we were able to feel young again and truly feel the magic we all have. Steven H

Having Santa True as a guest to top off our special event was the icing on the cake. He was so professional, looked SO amazing, and was able to personalize his wish list for all of our participants. AND he included a very special story on top of it all. I would recommend Santa True 100% for any event you had in person or visually. He is great for kids, but equally wonderful for adults. He is the real deal. Patti Christensen, producer for The Storytellers of San Diego

Santa True was my daughter’s very first encounter to receive a special personal  message from him.  Santa True lifted our spirits for this holiday.  The girls told me Santa can’t come because of the virus but they left carrots for his reindeers and  chocolate chip cookies for them to bring back to Santa!  I highly recommend Santa True, he is truly amazing and has a heart of gold! — Melissa H

Santa, your video was magical for our family! The kids really enjoyed it! It was the best avenue to see you in light of this Covid thing. We hope next year will be different where we will be seeing you in person. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas! Carol R

Santa True really is the light of our Christmas. He makes you want to be a child again! It’s so amazing to see the sparkle and the smile of our children when they see him! The stories and his engagement with them it feels like we are on a movie! — Robbie G

The YouTube prerecorded message from Santa True was better than any previous years’ in-person Santa visits. Santa True’s demeanor was warm and funny, perfect for our shy, goofy six-year-old kid. Thank you so much for making this pandemic Christmas merrier! — Maria G

Santa True is the real deal, my child was enthralled by him from start to finish. Make sure you book him early as his kind of magic is hard to find. Rupert Appleyard (aka Phileas Flash)

Highly recommend Jingle Claus. In this time of distancing, it brought Christmas cheer back to the kids and made things seem normal for a little bit. He was awesome. My youngest loved seeing Santa, and he even made my teenager smile! Melissa M


Santa was charming, jolly, and fun. He immediately filled out home with warmth and laughter. Our 1-yr-old was about as engaged as a 1-yr-old can be, and we adults felt some much-needed Christmas spirit. After a rough year, Santa’s wholesome, happy, and engaging attitude was like a balm. Santa’s jokes were wonderful, and we enjoyed his magic and stories. This was one of the highlights of our Christmas season. We had high hopes, and those hopes were exceeded beyond our wildest imaginations; Santa pulls out all the stops! We will be leaving extra cookies out this year. — Tony M

We thought this was a fabulous experience! Well worth the price and we’ve passed your information along to our friends. You brought so much joy to our son! Thank you!! — Erin K

Thank you! I always wanted to bring my child to meet Santa True, but we live states away now. This year because of the virtual option she finally got to have an amazing Santa experience. He has a jolly personality and brings the magic of Santa alive. The games, songs, and stories revitalized the Christmas spirit in our household during this rough year. Thanks for making our 2020 Christmas merry and bright! — Amy C

Thank you so so so much Santa True for an incredible Zoom visit! The kids are absolutely glowing. The joy on their faces was indescribable. My daughter believes more than she has ever believed, and my son is convinced you are real and know everything. This meant so much in this hard year. You don’t know what you’ve done for these kids… I’m truly moved and in tears. You and Mrs. Claus are THE BEST. Mary WB

This is amazing!!! Thank you for making Christmas special — Molly S

Hooray! The visit was wonderful — thanks so much! The kids loved it. — Holly B

Thank you for a fun and festive Santa Virtual visit! While there is no replacing a real in-person Santa, this virtual visit helped lift spirits and filled the children with anticipation for Christmas day. We are grateful for your effort and appreciate the time you spent speaking to each family group. I think I can speak for all participants; the visit was very enjoyable! I would imagine most children would say their favorite part was speaking to Santa directly about their Christmas wish. Santa Jingle Claus gave the children at our company a sense of joy and laughter during this most difficult 2020 season, with his jolly and heart-warming message of love and compassion during our virtual visit. We are grateful for a continued sense of tradition, even though on a screen, and we look forward to the future when we can enjoy Santa in person. Cate P

This was just too cool! The boys loved it!! Their emotions went from stunned silence, to shock at some of the details he knew, to pure hilarity (fart jokes are always winners in this house…). Thank you again so much!” – Thank you so much for the video, it was the perfect gift… something very special in a time that has been difficult for all of us. — Je Nell H

We loved all of it! Every question had an answer, we really loved the magical key. Santa is such a great story teller! I loved hearing how him and Mrs. Claus met! It was wonderful! Everyone loved it so much and the kids had so much fun! Thank you! — Jami C

A HUGE thank you!! The kids loved it – even the cranky teens trying to pretend they’re too cool! We absolutely loved our time with you and it made it nice to not rush through a long line trying to take pics and chat. Thankful for this bit of fun for Christmas at such a weird time. We would absolutely do this again. — Lindsay dS

This was our first Zoom with Santa and we loved how fun and funny it was! Santa really got the kids engaged and kept going with them! It’s not easy to keep 3 kids entertained on one Zoom call but Jingle Claus made it happen! Sara M

Santa True was a wonderful experience for my children 11 and 8. I think they were a bit nervous at first because they had never had a full conversation with Santa, only brief visits and photos. Santa really delivered! He drew the children into the experience. Santa shared wonderful stories with magic and had the perfect amount of humor. The children were amazed by all of the information he knew about the family and inspired by his encouragement of their talents. I can honestly say, I have believers. I would definitely recommend Santa True, and look forward to chatting with him again in the future. — Stephanie P

My sister had a great time! Santa True handled a mentally challenged adult perfectly! We are so pleased with this visit. — Lora B

We had a great visit from Santa at our virtual troop holiday party. Santa engaged with our 8th graders with just the right blend of thoughtful respect and humor. His review of the elves’ notations on the nice/naughty list was fun for everyone. Thank you Santa! — Troop 32076, Girl Scouts in Oakland, CA

This was fantastic thank you so much!! I really loved the personalization of the video call. The kids loved how warm and funny Santa was and how he talked to them individually. — Diana EA

Even in quarantine, enthralling children

This experience was amazing! So sweet, Loved it! Thank you Nicole G

This was such an amazing experience for my kids. They will not stop talking about Santa! Thank you so much for making this so special for them. — Emily

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Santa. His jokes, wealth of knowledge on our children and engaging conversation were a HUGE plus! We especially loved how he greeted us with Mele Kalikimaka as we are Hawaiian. He said he has a lot of languages to keep up with, we loved that! We would recommend this experience to all of our friends – and we did so on Facebook. The only regret to be had is if you don’t contact Santa today! — Patrice G

Thank you so much for your magic on our call. You’re amazing! Everyone really enjoyed it. — Ivette G

If you are thinking about scheduling a virtual visit with Santa, please do it! You will not be disappointed. He is jolly, fun, and very engaging. The grandkids thought it was terrific and the adults were transported back to younger days. Thank you Santa. — Colleen M

Santa’s infectious energy and ability to incorporate magical technical touches with old school Christmas charm was just the ticket. We all loved watching it. And then we looked up the Christmas Spider… who knew that is where tinsel comes from?! So cool, such a perfect touch. Thanks for adding magic to this Christmas spirit and not just making it about the material gifts. — KT K

Our visit with Santa was amazing! 2020 has been so hard and he made tonight magical. We have 3 kids and one of them has special needs and Santa was amazing with him. This is a night/visit we will never forget. That was so amazing! My kids will forever remember this special night. We loved the jokes, he is hilarious! — Jahna L

It. Was. Amazing. My niece was literally bouncing up and down and doing handstands afterwards, she was so jazzed. — Diane S

Virtual visits in the trying times can still bring such laughter and joy

Thank you so much for the amazingly wonderful virtual Santa visit! The huge smile on my daughter’s face when she saw you was priceless, before you even said a word. You did a wonderful job of customizing the visit, and I loved the tales you spun about the asparagus cookies and Rudolph’s daughter. My daughter’s favorite part was when you said she was on the nice list. My husband’s favorite part was the nice list and the list of wonderful things you mentioned our daughter specifically does well, all tailored to her… he loved her smile during that part, and we’re sure it’s a great confidence booster. And I teared up when you mentioned how storytellers and people with imagination were the lights in these difficult times. It’s great for her to feel like her skills will make a difference in the world. (And it’s not lost on us that you brought incredible light to our day!) Thanks for kicking off our Christmas Break in the best way! — Shaene S

Santa True is absolutely magical! He is so knowledgeable about various Christmas and holiday traditions and even has the grown ups listening for sleigh bells on Christmas Eve! — Robin M

In such a unprecedented year, as a parent of a 8 year old son who is still a believer I struggled with how to keep the magic of Christmas alive. I learned about Jingle Claus through a Facebook moms group and decided to give it a try…. my goodness did it exceed all expectations. Not only did Santa deliver but also brought tears to this mama’s eyes as I watched my son in awe. Santa told my son many stories which excited him and led to many questions. Santa was never impatient, ever so kind, happy to answer all questions. …The experience is one that neither of us can ever forget. 2020 has brought so many challenges and I’m forever grateful to have found this option for a virtual visit! It was so much more personal than any mall minute visit to just capture a picture. This captured my son’s heart! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Karen P

THAT WAS AMAZING! Exactly what I wanted and we needed – such a talented Santa!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! — Caroline U

I really liked when Santa told stories and interacted w each student. I would recommend Santa because at this time, holidays, schools, and gatherings are not the same. Santa’s virtual visit provided something special for my students, their siblings, and parents. What a special treat it was to have Santa all to ourselves for 30 minutes! — Cindy S

A visit from Santa True is a magical experience from start to finish. He has an amazing natural rapport and patience with kids that keeps the visit flowing and fun, and his stories, songs, and dances kept my kids smiling the entire time. I cannot recommend a visit or chat with Santa True highly enough! — Erin H

We loved the visit! Zoom with Santa was so much more personal and engaging than a 2 minute visit we usually do taking pictures at the mall. If there was any doubt in my 10 year old daughter’s mind about Santa, this reassured her that he is real! Thank you — Vahida K

Thank you all so much that was incredible she can’t stop talking about it. Merry Christmas!!! — Hollie S

True joy, one child’s smile at a time

So for those of you—parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles—out there wondering how to make Christmas ultra special, I can enthusiastically recommend Jingle Claus and a special and uniquely personal conversation with Santa for the special kids in your life. It was a joy to watch my grandkids faces as they heard Santa talk about them as if he knew them well—which he does of course. We’re going to make it an annual tradition in our family. — Lorraine D

We loved it! We had a great time. My girls are on cloud nine. We really enjoyed hearing Santa’s stories and the cool facts about reindeer. My eldest is still laughing at the idea of gassy reindeer eating asparagus cookies. She can’t wait to leave carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve and she is planning to write another letter to Santa because she has a bunch of questions about Rudolph’s new daughter and how elves make the toys. This was definitely the highlight of our holiday season. We also loved seeing Santa in his workshop office – it looks so cozy and inviting and magical. And we loved seeing Santa’s magical tools and hearing about how he gets from house to house and all the different treats he eats in different countries. It was such a wonderful visit. — Patricia S

Santa’s performance last night was Spectacular!!! He made us laugh and cry! He made references that made everyone welcome and he warmed all our hearts! — Nicholas S

Dear Santa, You brought smiles back to the face of a little boy who hasn’t shared many smiles this year, and who is on the verge of disbelieving. And, you brought the excitement and history and magic back to a little girl who so desperately wants to cling to it. Your kindness, attention, detail, and care sparked their little hearts and fueled their spirits. The best Christmas present I could ever ask for is seeing the wonder you reignited in each of them. Thank you so much…for everything. Merry Christmas! — Gina C

My son and I both really enjoyed our visit with Santa True. He especially enjoyed simply laughing with Santa. I really enjoyed the story of the Christmas spider, it was unique and special. Thank you for making his day. — Adele S

You were fantastic and everyone loved the event, thank you so much again! It made the season for us. Everyone absolutely loved the event, it was everything we were hoping for and then some. It was also great you were able to connect the art of storytelling to our profession. — McCall H

Thank you for the zoom call with Santa. It was absolutely magical! My girls were so blown away that Santa knew what they wanted, what they got last year, and even the names of their elves! The detail that went into the call was really incredible. Thank you for making the experience so beautiful especially during such uncertain times! — Melissa G

The whole family thoroughly enjoyed the visit with Santa True. Our son had started asking questions indicating doubt about Santa, but after this personalized interaction, we think he’s safely back in the “Believers” court. The questionnaire was so well-crafted and allowed Santa to immediately engage with our son. We loved hearing Santa’s answers to his questions, the stories about his elves and reindeer, the jokes, and the cheers/dancing! Most importantly, I really appreciate Santa’s positivity and support. This was a difficult year for most folks, and it meant so much hearing Santa celebrate our son’s achievements and giving him encouragement to be the best person he can be. — Stacy H

Stay safe, dear friends

We were so sad that we wouldn’t be able to see Santa in person this year, but after our virtual visit with Santa True, I don’t think anything else will ever compare. In a year of so much change, Santa True made sure to keep the Christmas magic alive and well for our sons! — Molly S

The whole family enjoy the video message. It brought joy not only to my nieces and nephews but the parents were overwhelmed of joy to see their kids being kids for few hours. Thank you, Jingle Claus, for providing this awesome virtual experience. — Esmeralda M

A wonderfully magic experience for the children. The personalized messages from Santa brought instant smiles to their faces. This has been a perfect addition to our family’s Christmas traditions. — Jane B

Thank you so much!!!! Our youngest is in awe, the personal touches really made this a real magical visit. Even our middle child enjoyed it!! — Erin A

That was the most incredible experience! — Karen P

The kids had a blast! It was great! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas. Thank you — Mariam A

From Gig Salad

Santa True is the BEST! – Santa True was all of our dreams come true and beyond! From the pre communication with his Elves and Mrs. Claus to all their attention to detail learning about our family before our visit – this Santa team is a class act! Santa! Santa – you have such a gift and we truly thank you for sharing it with us! Your detailed outfit is just stunning and all of your Santa attributes are perfection! We loved your songs, story telling, learning real facts about Christmas history throughout the world, getting our very own Christmas Spider, your holiday rap, your cuddles and all the pictures we got with you that we will treasure! I have never hired a service like this and you really went so far above and beyond any expectation I could have ever imagined! You have no idea how much Christmas spirit you brought to our family… kids of course but you left the adults in awe and that means so much to us! I wish you upon the world and wish every family could have a visit from you! Thank you for making our experience so special! Merry Christmas Santa! — Katy L., Calabasas, CA (5-stars, with photos)

So exciting! Look at the time, Christmas is going to be here soon!

Best Santa Ever! – This year we decided to surprise our little one with a surprise visit from Santa in our new home. Not only did he have her stunned in amazement, he also had all of the adults not wanting to leave the room and participating in singing the songs and asking his questions. It was such an amazing experience and it’s all because of Santa True. We were very blessed to have him spend Christmas Day with our family and look forward to having him back again next year. I highly recommend him. — Samantha H, Santa Clarita, CA (5-stars, with photos)

Totally awesome! – I’ve hired many Santas in the past but Santa True was by far the best! From his well appointed Santa attire to his jolly laugh and entertaining and captivating persona, he’s the real deal. Grandkids were mesmerized and adults duly impressed! — Marti T, Simi Valley, CA (5-stars)

Perfect Santa – Amazing morning! Thanks again! — Farnoush M., Encino, CA (5-stars)

Santa knows the importance of reading!

Incredible experience – The kids were blown away, incredible experience for them and us. — Michael H., Simi Valley, CA (5-stars)

AMAZING! – Santa True was spectacular! So friendly, looked great, and had so much energy through our whole event! RECOMMEND 100%!! He made our holiday event come to life!— Greg F, Van Nuys, CA (5-stars)

Santa with two staff ladies from KOST FM
Santa LOVES to visit with KOST 103.5

Santa True is the real McCoy! – Santa True had everyone believing he was the real Santa. Kids and adults alike were completely impressed with his story-telling, songs and good cheer! He had twenty kids completely entertained and in awe as he told his North Pole tales. Parents said they too, were once again believers in Santa. Santa True made our holiday party a truly memorable event for all! — Suzana D, Glendale, CA (5-stars)

Project Access Believes! – Santa True donated 1 hour pro-bono to truly spread the magic of the holidays at the non-profit organization site Project Access Family Resource Center at Pacific Point Apartments in Oxnard, California on Monday 12/5/16. Santa True exceeded Project Access’ staff expectations because he spent special time to speak with each child, adult and delivered a great experience for all. The teens and adults had a blast when Santa True posed for selfies! Project Access Family Resource Center at Pacific Point Apartments recommends Santa True to deliver the joy of the holidays to everyone! — Ivonne C, Oxnard, CA (5-stars)

Magical Experience! – I am so happy I found Santa True! What a lovely Santa, he showed up and lit up the room with his presence! The kids loved him and so did the parents. He looked great, he was funny and he was the most perfect Santa. It truly was a magical experience for the kids. We loved his stories, his songs, his humor and the way he managed the kids! Thank you for keeping the magic alive for the kids Santa True! — Sabrina, Woodland Hills, CA (5-stars)

Checking the Naughty or Nice list and finding my new friend on the NICE list!

Great Santa! – He was absolutely wonderful with our class of 20 preschool children. He made them laughed, listened to them intently, led them in songs, and told them things like Christmas is for giving not for receiving and that they needed to be good boys and girls. He explained how he traveled so quickly to so many homes, how many cookies he ate etc. He totally looked the part as well. You couldn’t get a better Santa! — Megan V, Los Angeles, CA (5-stars)

He truly is the real Santa! – Santa came to our house for Thanksgiving and he was absolutely wonderful amazing and kind just like you would expect Santa to be. We are Jewish and he prepared a Hanukkah story for us along with a Santa rap song and touched everyone’s hearts at our Thanksgiving table. He reminded us about the spirit of the holidays… about love, kindness and giving ….we are all still talking about our Santa and our beautiful experience. I recommend him highly. — Sandy, Moorpark, CA (5-stars)

Highest Recommendation! – I hired Santa True for a corporate event and he was ‘True-ly’ the best! He showed an incredible warmth, demeanor, and rapport with the attendees. He brought plenty of props and took a real concern with making sure we leveraged his appearance to get the most out of it. After surveying the all-adult crowd, he suggested that we record video messages for parents to send home to their kids, and the attendees absolutely loved it. I was amazed to overhear the attendees still talking about his appearance two days later. After seeing Santa True in action, I can see why the TV advertisers keep calling him for appearances as the ‘authentic’ Santa…he’s that good! You can hire Santa True with complete confidence that you are in the hands of a True pro Santa. — Ron T, Santa Barbara, CA (5-stars)

Best Christmas Eve! – Santa True was fantastic and so authentic. Booking Santa True is better than any mall Santa you will ever see! He was so interactive with the smallest child (11 months) to the oldest adult (73). Next time we have a big family Christmas we won’t hesitate a moment. Santa True will be getting a booking call from us. Thank you Santa! — Darlene M., Ventura, CA (5-stars)

A magical night! – Santa True truly made our Christmas Eve magical. All of the adults and kids were mesmerized by how real he was! One of my daughters told her friend Santa stopped by our house! Again he was a very authentic Santa. Having Santa True arrive on time and pass out gifts is something that I will never forget! All of our guests posted their pictures on Facebook with Santa, wishing others a Merry Christmas! That is how I know much they all loved him. Thank you!!!!!! — Kelly M., Ventura, CA (5-stars)

Amazing SANTA, Absolutely TRUE!!!!! – I have been planning events for years, he is by far the BEST Santa I have ever worked with. Professional, charming, warm, funny and considerate of the guests he is entertaining. His costume was beautiful and clean, his beard and mustache were awesome (and real). He also had a very professional, polite assistant. This Santa takes a lot of pride in his craft and it really shows, it was appreciated by all of our guests, seniors, families and children; they couldn’t stop talking about him! I would highly recommend him for your event! — Whitney, Atria Grand Oaks Senior Living, Thousand Oaks, CA (5-stars)

Thank you so much for such a magical night! You were so amazing and everyone loved you! — Sandee E., Moorpark, CA

From Gig Masters

Best Santa yet! – CEO came up after the event and said, “Best Santa yet!” Great job, Santa True! Kiddos & adults alike had a blast. — Alyson W, Camarillo, CA

Charming and so Calming – I will really try to book early to make sure I have him to charm my grandchildren each year. It was a perfect experience. He met all my expectations. One little grand daughter who, before yesterday, was actually quite terrified of the whole ‘Santa’ concept. I had given Santa True information on the 3 girls beforehand. I think we had a breakthrough. Santa True was calming and aware of how Madeleine felt. He is awesome with photo ops. Excellent, all around. Thank you! — Cathe M, Santa Monica, CA

GigMasters Best of 2015
GigMasters Best of 2015

Professional and Wonderful – We hired Santa True to help us with our scouting event. He arrived early, was extremely professional, and was wonderful with the kids. With little preparation he quickly integrated to our event and performed like we had rehearsed. I would highly recommend him in the future. — Stuart S, Simi Valley, CA

Amazed Everyone – Santa True was fantastic! He amazed all of our guys — Hillary F, Encino, CA

HIGHLY RECOMMEND – We at Dave & Busters Hollywood ADORE Santa True! We could not have found a better Santa. He put us ALL in the holiday spirit. He was so easy to work with, so kind, and such a hit with all the families. Kiddos and adults alike loved being around the jovial Santa True. He made our event such a delight. HIGHLY RECOMMEND SANTA TRUE!!! — Natalie S., Hollywood, CA

Exceptionally Amazing – I was very pleased with Santa True and all the children were so excited and mesmerized by him. He had the kids believing again. He was exceptionally amazing and I would highly recommend him and definitely contract him again. Thank you! — Annie A., Camarillo, CA

From Photographers

I love nothing more then a good theme and holiday and when I get to combine it into a mini session set, then I am in LOVE! I have had the idea of doing Santa sessions for the past few years, but I knew I would have to find the RIGHT Santa before I was going to give it a go. Then I came across Santa True and right away I knew he would be a perfect fit.
I knew the kids reactions would be hit or miss since we have all seen the classic terrified crying toddler on Santas lap. These Santa sessions needed to be extra special and I was lucky enough to get permission from the wonderful owners of Christmas Ranch Tree Farms, in Thousand Oaks to use their amazing property. Each child had a 15 minute per-scheduled time slot to visit with the big guy. They were able to show up a few minutes before their session time, so they did not have to wait in those mall lines we all dread! Then they walked through the trees to see Santa sitting on a bench surrounded by Christmas gifts and happily awaiting their arrival.
They were greeted by Santa who exceeded my exceptions, I cannot say enough great things about Santa True. Some kids walked right up to Santa and sat down, while others looked at him and did not know what to think. Santa and I had a few tricks to get the kids to join in, I am happy to report there were very very few tears shed, and almost every kiddo sat with Santa. Since we wanted this to be a happy and positive experience for the kiddos, they did not have to sit on Santa’s lap if they didn’t want to, some sat next to him and for those few who really were un-sure, Santa was brilliant enough to pose behind the kids so I could still get a shot of them with Santa!
We had kids range from 2 weeks old to 8 years old, and lots of cousins joined in for some group photos! I will say nothing is better then Santa feeding a little newborn a bottle! The kids enjoyed singing Jingle Bells, eat cookies, and having stories read to them by Santa!
This is definitely going to be an annual event here at Stephanie Gill Photography! The overall word everyone used was MAGICAL! Thank you to Santa True and Christmas Ranch Tree Farm — Stephanie Gill, Santa Mini Sessions: Thousand Oaks Santa Photographer

From Local Newspapers

Santa comes to Community Marketplace in Moorpark
December 21, 2014 – http://www.acorncapture.com/2014/12/24/santa-comes-to-community-marketplace-in-moorpark/#more-5079

Storytelling at a home visit in 2014 – one of Santa’s favorite things to do!