Jingle Claus—Virtual Visits with Santa

How to I book a virtual visit? Follow these three steps: Sign up, Complete the Questionnaire, and Pay.

  • Step One: Submit Sign-Up Form (submit the form that is on the bottom of this page!)
  • Step Two: Answer Detailed Questionnaire by Email (questionnaire is sent to you within 2-3 days!)
  • Step Three: Payment (we accept Square, Venmo, or PayPal: You choose!)

Bring the Magic of Christmas to your home in a safe and fun way! You can have Santa visit your home or event via the internet. Have fun talking to the Jolly Elf himself and ask him questions!

A wonderfully magic experience for the children. The personalized messages from Santa brought instant smiles to their faces. This has been a perfect addition to our family’s Christmas traditions. — Jane B

That was the most incredible experience! — Karen P

Your direct video connection for a healthy and safe holiday season!

On behalf of the North Pole, we thank you and
want EVERYONE to have a safe and healthy holiday season!

A Special Christmas Message recorded just for you!

If you choose a Pre-Recorded video message, Santa will record a special video message for your family, friends, or colleagues.

After your initial sign-up, you will be sent a detailed event questionnaire to fill out that tells Santa who you want mentioned in the video by name and provides the information needed to make it unique and special, just for you. Santa can mention how good they have been doing in various subjects, talk about things happening at the North Pole, and of course, any presents they might be interested in.

These messages are generally about 4-5 minutes long. After they are recorded, you will be sent a link, where you can watch the message on the device of your choice, many times, whenever you want!

These recordings are posted privately on YouTube. When Santa sends you the detailed questionnaire, your reply is due within three days. An invoice will be sent from PayPal or you can pay by credit card. Payment is required to book the virtual recording.

A Live, Interactive Zoom Call with Santa (from his secret studio at the North Pole!)

If you choose a Live Interactive Virtual Visit, after your initial sign-up, you will be sent our detailed event questionnaire to help Santa prepare for who he will be talking with. He can tell the children how proud he is of them, tell them they are on the Nice list, and answer those all important questions about how he does what he does, or details about the Reindeer and Elves, of course. And most importantly, Santa can ask them what they want for Christmas.

Every call is unique, but generally they run about 10 minutes long, depending on how many are participating. You can either surprise someone OR let them know that Santa will be calling. Or you could set it up as a “surprise call” to the North Pole, so that even Santa is surprised!

These video calls are hosted on Zoom. When Santa sends you the detailed questionnaire, your reply is due within three days. An invoice will be sent from PayPal or you can pay by credit card. Payment is required to book your virtual visit.

Corporate or Large Group Virtual Visit

Do you want to surprise your corporate holiday All-Hands Meeting with a drop-in visit from Santa? Do you have a special holiday Zoom party that could use an extra special guest from the North Pole? Do you have a class of students who would like a visit from Old Saint Nick? Do you have a family get-together online where Santa could bring some cheer? Fill in the Initial Sign-up form below, and we will speak with you personally on the phone to design the custom corporate or large group virtual visit. (Corporate or Large Group rates are dependent on the nature of the event.)

How It Works

  • Decide which type of virtual event you want: Pre-Recorded Personal Message or Live Interactive Video Visit
    • Pre-Recorded Video Message from Santa ($80, messages average 4-5 minutes)
    • Short Live Interactive Video Visit with Santa (starts at $100 for 1-3 children, calls average around 10 minutes)
    • (For visits that will include more than 3 children, prices will increase accordingly)
  • Complete the Initial Sign-up Form on this page
  • Confirm visit schedule with our elves and send in the detailed event questionnaire (provided after the Initial Sign-Up Form is submitted)
  • Send in Payment – The initial sign-up form puts a soft-hold on our calendar. The detailed questionnaire gets everything else in place. Your payment confirms your message or your visit on our schedule. We can accept Square, Venmo, or PayPal. We can send you an invoice or you can phone us to charge a card. (NEVER send credit card information by email!)

There are NO VISITS AVAILABLE for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

Weekends are fully booked and there are no Live Virtual Slots available on weekends.
If you cannot schedule a live virtual visit in our remaining weekday slots,
you may still truly enjoy a Pre-Recorded Message from Santa.

The whole family thoroughly enjoyed the visit with Santa True. Our son had started asking questions indicating doubt about Santa, but after this personalized interaction, we think he’s safely back in the “Believers” court. The questionnaire was so well-crafted and allowed Santa to immediately engage with our son. We loved hearing Santa’s answers to his questions, the stories about his elves and reindeer, the jokes, and the cheers/dancing! Most importantly, I really appreciate Santa’s positivity and support. This was a difficult year for most folks, and it meant so much hearing Santa celebrate our son’s achievements and giving him encouragement to be the best person he can be. Stacy H

Initial Sign-Up Form

What Happens Next?

After you complete and submit the Initial Sign-up Form, then our Elves at the North Pole will be contacting you within the next 1-2 days, to ensure that we can pick the best day and time for your visit or recorded message. Please watch your email for our special event questionnaire!

Notes About Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits are performances and all visits depend on the natural flow of the interactions. We want Santa to stay magical and never want to be boring or forced. Some visits will be shorter or longer as needed. All visits are non-refundable. In the event of massive technology failure, we will work with clients to help them re-schedule or send them a pre-recorded message.

By participating, clients agree that the Visits are mutually agreed upon for photographic image and performance rights and are not to be resold in any way. Visits are for the sole use of the immediate clients and families. All visits are improvisational in nature and are “at your own risk.” Santa True/Jingle Claus shall be held harmless and free of liability.

By booking this event, you agree to these terms.

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