Home Parties and Visits

Our Christmas Season offerings include a hybrid of Live and Virtual visits (recorded video messages and live, interactive video calls). Everyone here at the North Pole wants to keep your family and friends healthy. Santa True is fully vaccinated and would be happy to be part of your safe seasonal events

With some thoughtful event preparation and planning, let’s make this a Christmas to be remembered!

Outline of an In-Person Visit

Santa True visiting your home!

An In-Person Visit from Santa True starts at approximately 30 minutes at the location of your choosing (home, rec room, restaurant, office). Santa makes a Grand Entrance, has a Meet and Greet time, then it’s time for some fun Photos. The children can Tell Santa what they want, there’s time for Question and Answer with Santa, and some Singing and Storytelling. Finally, if there are Gifts (provided by the hosts that Santa has hidden in his gift bag), these are distributed at the end. Everyone does a Big Countdown and gifts are opened as Santa makes his exit. (This helps keep the children from running out to “see the reindeer.”)

To secure the visit, we put together an event contract with all the specifics of the visit. Your date and time has a “soft hold” on our calendar until the contract comes back by the contract deadline. A visit starts at $300, with $150 non-refundable retainer required to save the date/time on our calendar. (Longer events or Corporate events are priced differently.)

When we have received payment, then we will send you the event questionnaire. This is how you provide the secret information Santa would know, as well as any access information needed (like security code to come into a gate, restrictions about parking, or where the gifts for children will be hidden before Santa comes in).

Please email us at santa@santatrue.com if you’d like to find a day and time on our calendar for a Home Visit.

  • Our 2022 Calendar is almost fully booked with weekends having the fewest options available.
  • If you are open to a weekday visit, there are more options still remaining.
  • While we serve many communities in Southern California near Los Angeles (such as Westlake Village, Camarillo, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Malibu, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Encino, Burbank, North Hollywood, Pasadena, Glendale, and neighboring areas), traffic and other appointments on our calendar influence our availability.
    • There are no in-person visits available outside of Southern California

If an in-person visit cannot be scheduled, please take a look at our Virtual Visit options.

How To Make the Best Visit

Having Santa come to your home is a wondrous thing for young and old alike. Here are some quick tips to making this the very best party or visit possible.

  1. Make certain Santa has an assigned contact who will have their phone on (and charged), just in case. This contact person should check their phone regularly.
  2. If there are any pets who might be over-excited by a big guy in a fur-trimmed suit, it might be best for them to relax elsewhere, in a closed room.
  3. You will want to have all your cameras and devices ready and charged.
  4. Where should Santa sit for photos? Well, Santa’s suit is pretty warm, so not too close to fireplaces. It is also helpful to seat Santa away from large reflective surfaces (like mirrors and glass doors). We don’t want flash bounce to ruin your pictures.
  5. Santa will probably need a helper or two. Santa True will send you information on just how those assistants can help out.
  1. Any finances are best dealt with beforehand and “off stage.” But if there is any balance or payment due, the best way to handle this is to put the money into a Christmas Card and hand it to Santa, as he is leaving.
  2. Coordination is important. It could be awkward for Santa to show up in the middle of a meal or when someone has just run to the store for some more eggnog. Please have someone who will bring everyone together, to be ready when Santa shows up.
  3. In many people’s minds, Santa usually comes down the chimney. But if he’s arriving by car, you need to have a specially reserved parking spot for him. An easy way to do this is to have one of the cars in the driveway pulled all the way back (closest to the street). When Santa arrives, the Helper pulls this car forward and Santa pulls in behind him. Make certain Santa has all the security information, if you live in a gated community.
  4. Speaking of cars and reindeer, it’s not unusual for children to want to follow Santa out. Be ready to have a distraction to pull the kids away, after you hear him call out, “Happy Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!”
  5. Seating is important. A sturdy, straight back, dining room chair will often do fine. You can decorate around it and even put it next to your Christmas Tree. But people will need to have easy access around it. And we don’t want any gifts to be trampled.
Why I do it
Why I do it
  1. If there are any people with Special Needs, make certain Santa knows. If someone is in a wheel chair or bedridden, Santa can easily go to them. Or he may need help if the person uses ASL, etc. When children are present, there must be an adult serving as the child wrangler remaining with Santa at all times.
  2. If Santa is handing out gifts for you, put them in a heavy-duty plastic trash bag. Santa True will transfer them into his own bag. Write the names in bold ink, on the wrapping paper itself. Tags fall off all the time. Santa will ask the helpers to help him hand out the presents, and to help pronounce the names if needed. If there are a lot of gifts, Santa may recruit some elves to bring them in. Please let Santa know if there are any special issues before he offers to hand out candy canes.
Did you know a Selfie with Santa is called an Elfie?