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A wonderfully magic experience for the children. The personalized messages from Santa brought instant smiles to their faces. This has been a perfect addition to our family’s Christmas traditions. Jane B

Thank you so much!!!! [Our youngest] is in awe, the personal touches really made this a real magical visit. Even [our middle child] enjoyed it!! — Erin A

That was the most incredible experience! — Karen P

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Santa True is the BEST!

Santa True was all of our dreams come true and beyond! From the pre communication with his Elves and Mrs. Clause to all their attention to detail learning about our family before our visit – this Santa team is a class act!

Santa! Santa – you have such a gift and we truly thank you for sharing it with us! Your detailed outfit is just stunning and all of your Santa attributes are perfection!

We loved your songs, story telling, learning real facts about Christmas history throughout the world, getting our very own Christmas Spider, your holiday rap, your cuddles and all the pictures we got with you that we will treasure!

I have never hired a service like this and you really went so far above and beyond any expectation I could have ever imagined! You have no idea how much Christmas spirit you brought to our family… kids of course but you left the adults in awe and that means so much to us!

I wish you upon the world and wish every family could have a visit from you! Thank you for making our experience so special! Merry Christmas Santa! — Katy L., Calabasas, CA (5-stars, with photos)

So exciting! Look at the time, Christmas is going to be here soon!

Best Santa Ever!

This year we decided to surprise our little one with a surprise visit from Santa in our new home. Not only did he have her stunned in amazement, he also had all of the adults not wanting to leave the room and participating in singing the songs and asking his questions. It was such an amazing experience and it’s all because of Santa True. We were very blessed to have him spend Christmas Day with our family and look forward to having him back again next year. I highly recommend him. — Samantha H, Santa Clarita, CA (5-stars, with photos)

Totally awesome!

I’ve hired many Santas in the past but Santa True was by far the best! From his well appointed Santa attire to his jolly laugh and entertaining and captivating persona, he’s the real deal. Grandkids were mesmerized and adults duly impressed! — Marti T, Simi Valley, CA (5-stars)

Perfect Santa

Amazing morning! Thanks again! — Farnoush M., Encino, CA (5-stars)

Santa knows the importance of reading!

Incredible experience

The kids were blown away, incredible experience for them and us. — Michael H., Simi Valley, CA (5-stars)


Santa True was spectacular! So friendly, looked great, and had so much energy through our whole event! RECOMMEND 100%!! He made our holiday event come to life!— Greg F, Van Nuys, CA (5-stars)

Santa LOVES to visit with KOST 103.5!

Santa True is the real McCoy!

Santa True had everyone believing he was the real Santa. Kids and adults alike were completely impressed with his story-telling, songs and good cheer! He had twenty kids completely entertained and in awe as he told his North Pole tales. Parents said they too, were once again believers in Santa. Santa True made our holiday party a truly memorable event for all! — Suzana D, Glendale, CA (5-stars)

Project Access Believes!

Santa True donated 1 hour pro-bono to truly spread the magic of the holidays at the non-profit organization site Project Access Family Resource Center at Pacific Point Apartments in Oxnard, California on Monday 12/5/16. Santa True exceeded Project Access’ staff expectations because he spent special time to speak with each child, adult and delivered a great experience for all. The teens and adults had a blast when Santa True posed for selfies! Project Access Family Resource Center at Pacific Point Apartments recommends Santa True to deliver the joy of the holidays to everyone! — Ivonne C, Oxnard, CA (5-stars)

Magical Experience!

I am so happy I found Santa True! What a lovely Santa, he showed up and lit up the room with his presence! The kids loved him and so did the parents. He looked great, he was funny and he was the most perfect Santa. It truly was a magical experience for the kids. We loved his stories, his songs, his humor and the way he managed the kids! Thank you for keeping the magic alive for the kids Santa True! — Sabrina, Woodland Hills, CA (5-stars)

Checking the Naughty or Nice List and finding my new friend on the NICE List!

Great Santa!

He was absolutely wonderful with our class of 20 preschool children. He made them laughed, listened to them intently, led them in songs, and told them things like Christmas is for giving not for receiving and that they needed to be good boys and girls. He explained how he traveled so quickly to so many homes, how many cookies he ate etc. He totally looked the part as well. You couldn’t get a better Santa! — Megan V, Los Angeles, CA (5-stars)

He truly is the real Santa!

Santa came to our house for Thanksgiving and he was absolutely wonderful amazing and kind just like you would expect Santa to be. We are Jewish and he prepared a Hanukkah story for us along with a Santa rap song and touched everyone’s hearts at our Thanksgiving table. He reminded us about the spirit of the holidays… about love, kindness and giving ….we are all still talking about our Santa and our beautiful experience. I recommend him highly. — Sandy, Moorpark, CA (5-stars)

Highest Recommendation!

I hired Santa True for a corporate event and he was ‘True-ly’ the best! He showed an incredible warmth, demeanor, and rapport with the attendees. He brought plenty of props and took a real concern with making sure we leveraged his appearance to get the most out of it. After surveying the all-adult crowd, he suggested that we record video messages for parents to send home to their kids, and the attendees absolutely loved it.

I was amazed to overhear the attendees still talking about his appearance two days later. After seeing Santa True in action, I can see why the TV advertisers keep calling him for appearances as the ‘authentic’ Santa…he’s that good! You can hire Santa True with complete confidence that you are in the hands of a True pro Santa. — Ron T, Santa Barbara, CA (5-stars)

Best Christmas Eve!

Santa True was fantastic and so authentic. Booking Santa True is better than any mall Santa you will ever see! He was so interactive with the smallest child (11 months) to the oldest adult (73). Next time we have a big family Christmas we won’t hesitate a moment. Santa True will be getting a booking call from us. Thank you Santa! — Darlene M., Ventura, CA (5-stars)

A magical night!

Santa True truly made our Christmas Eve magical. All of the adults and kids were mesmerized by how real he was! One of my daughters told her friend Santa stopped by our house! Again he was a very authentic Santa. Having Santa True arrive on time and pass out gifts is something that I will never forget! All of our guests posted their pictures on Facebook with Santa, wishing others a Merry Christmas! That is how I know much they all loved him. Thank you!!!!!! — Kelly M., Ventura, CA (5-stars)

Amazing SANTA, Absolutely TRUE!!!!!

I have been planning events for years, he is by far the BEST Santa I have ever worked with. Professional, charming, warm, funny and considerate of the guests he is entertaining. His costume was beautiful and clean, his beard and mustache were awesome (and real). He also had a very professional, polite assistant. This Santa takes a lot of pride in his craft and it really shows, it was appreciated by all of our guests, seniors, families and children; they couldn’t stop talking about him! I would highly recommend him for your event! — Whitney, Atria Grand Oaks Senior Living, Thousand Oaks, CA (5-stars)

From Individuals

Thank you so much for such a magical night! You were so amazing and everyone loved you! — Sandee E., Moorpark, CA

From Gig Masters

GigMasters Best of 2015
GigMasters Best of 2015

Best Santa yet!

CEO came up after the event & said, “Best Santa yet!” Great job, Santa True! Kiddos & adults alike had a blast. — Alyson W, Camarillo, CA

Charming and so Calming

I will really try to book early to make sure I have him to charm my grandchildren each year. It was a perfect experience. He met all my expectations. One little grand daughter who, before yesterday, was actually quite terrified of the whole ‘Santa’ concept. I had given Santa True information on the 3 girls beforehand. I think we had a breakthrough. Santa True was calming and aware of how Madeleine felt. He is awesome with photo ops. Excellent, all around. Thank you! — Cathe M, Santa Monica, CA

Professional and Wonderful

We hired Santa True to help us with our scouting event. He arrived early, was extremely professional, and was wonderful with the kids. With little preparation he quickly integrated to our event and performed like we had rehearsed. I would highly recommend him in the future. — Stuart S, Simi Valley, CA

Amazed Everyone

Santa True was fantastic! He amazed all of our guys — Hillary F, Encino, CA


We at Dave & Busters Hollywood ADORE Santa True! We could not have found a better Santa. He put us ALL in the holiday spirit. He was so easy to work with, so kind, and such a hit with all the families. Kiddos and adults alike loved being around the jovial Santa True. He made our event such a delight. HIGHLY RECOMMEND SANTA TRUE!!! — Natalie S., Hollywood, CA

Exceptionally Amazing

I was very pleased with Santa True and all the children were so excited and mesmerized by him. He had the kids believing again. He was exceptionally amazing and I would highly recommend him and definitely contract him again. Thank you! — Annie A., Camarillo, CA

From Photographers

I love nothing more then a good theme and holiday and when I get to combine it into a mini session set, then I am in LOVE! I have had the idea of doing Santa sessions for the past few years, but I knew I would have to find the RIGHT Santa before I was going to give it a go. Then I came across Santa True and right away I knew he would be a perfect it. I knew the kids reactions would be hit or miss since we have all seen the classic terrified crying toddler on Santas lap. These Santa sessions needed to be extra special and I was lucky enough to get permission from the wonderful owners of Christmas Ranch Tree Farms, in Thousand Oaks to use their amazing property. Each child had a 15 minute per-scheduled time slot to visit with the big guy. They were able to show up a few minutes before their session time, so they did not have to wait in those mall lines we all dread! Then they walked through the trees to see Santa sitting on a bench surrounded by Christmas gifts and happily awaiting their arrival. They were greeted by Santa who exceeded my exceptions, I cannot say enough great things about Santa True. Some kids walked right up to Santa and sat down, while others looked at him and did not know what to think. Santa and I had a few tricks to get the kids to join in, I am happy to report there were very very few tears shed, and almost every kiddo sat with Santa. Since we wanted this to be a happy and positive experience for the kiddos, they did not have to sit on Santa’s lap if they didn’t want to, some sat next to him and for those few who really were un-sure, Santa was brilliant enough to pose behind the kids so I could still get a shot of them with Santa!

We had kids range from 2 weeks old to 8 years old, and lots of cousins joined in for some group photos! I will say nothing is better then Santa feeding a little newborn a bottle! The kids enjoyed singing Jingle Bells, eat cookies, and having stories read to them by Santa! This is definitely going to be an annual event here at Stephanie Gill Photography! The overall word everyone used was MAGICAL!

Thank you to Santa True and Christmas Ranch Tree Farm — Stephanie Gill, Santa Mini Sessions: Thousand Oaks Santa Photographer

From the local newspapers


Santa comes to Community Marketplace in Moorpark
December 21, 2014


Storytelling at a home visit (in 2014) — one of Santa’s favorite things to do!